Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY Laundry Detergent

I can hardly believe that we could make detergent for about a year for $20. 

It just blows my mind how expensive detergent is (Tide is easily $15 for 100 loads, which never seems to actually last 100 loads.) 

You can find the recipe here from Being Creative to Keep My Sanity. My only critique is that we used a food processor to make the Fels Naptha soap into a powder form. We have a small processor so I only processed one bar at a time and made sure to break up the soap with a knife before processing it. 

We mixed all of the detergent in a double bagged garbage bag. We put the bag in a small clean bucket to add all the ingredients and then closed the bag and shook up the mix. We then put our containers in the tub and cut off the bottom tip of the bags to funnel the detergent into the containers. 

Oh and I found my glass container at Salvation Army for $5! You can also get them at Target for $8 or $9.

And thats it! Now enjoy the great way this detergent works :) I think it works better then tide!

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