Friday, September 23, 2011

Centerpiece Mock-Up

Alright! Now this is a fun thing to post! I have been collecting milk glass for months and vintage books for a few months as well. We also want to do burlap runners and some kind of fake flower. Our theme is Vintage Garden...and the reception is at the Cleveland Zoo! Cant wait!! Ok...with out further ado...

Initialed Glasses

A birthday craft!

So the picture above is what I was originally going for... but lets just say I went through alot of trouble for the etching paste that I was using not to work...So I decided to but some window paint that said it was dishwasher safe...again a fail...apparently you need some special sealant for that to work....I digress... Finally I found the right stuff for the job! I will post a pic of it soon. But it looks like a pen, I found it in the stained glass section of Jo-anns. Its called DecoArt glass paint marker. Its a beauty! paint it on. put it in the oven. All set! But ill still describe how the little beauty works!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bottle Cap Picture Magnets

Awesome Picture Magnets

I wanted to share an awesome craft that I did quite awhile ago with ya! I made my Aunt these great magnets for her birthday...she loved them :) They really turned out great! So here is the how-to-diy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Setting

Who knows where the ceremony will end up. But we do know that the reception will be one wild time! The reception will take place at the cleveland Zoo! We will party the night away with the monkeys and the sharks! YAY! The Zoo has always been one of our favorite date spots. In our minds there is no better way to spend a day together, thus being why we chose it for our reception :) Lucky for us the venue will not need much TLC. It is practically perfect! But of course we do have some ideas to make it our own... Don't worry! I'll share!