Monday, October 1, 2012

A Splash of Color (and a painting tip!!)

We decided our white walls were "blah." Just too much white for our vibrant personalities lol. 

...Before (Oscar loves the table)...

 And After!! (Oscar protecting his table, lol). We are going for a color scheme for our "great room." I don't really know what you call it...but our kitchen is open to our living room and dining room. We are loving yellow, grey, light aqua & red. We love color if you haven't guessed! 
The chairs aren't finished, but will be white soon 

Loving the contrast with the couch!!

Bad picture...not sure why my camera makes things look tilted...
 Loving the contrast with the decorations on the mantel!! 

And now for the awesome painting tip!!! 
Cover the painting try in plastic wrap! Easy clean up!! 

I did 3 layers of plastic wrap...just make sure you put the 1st and 3rd layer longways and the 2nd layer the opposite way :) easy peasy!


  1. I love how the color added so much "life" to your home! So lovely! Great Job! (and the paint tray tip....Goodness Gracious! Wish I had thought of that 20 years ago!! Way to go!! )

  2. Ohhh, love the unexpected color combo!

  3. Thanks Aunt Annette!!

    Lanie- Thanks so much!! My husband and I just love color and what better place to put it then on the walls :) We are thinking of getting a light grey cover for the couch...but the red is growing on we might just stick with it!