Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY sweater quilt!

This post has been long overdue!! I made these two blankets LAST Christmas! The red for my brother and the blue for my dad :) I think they turned out great! I found the how to on a tutorial Here!! I honestly think that her blanket turned out much better :) I would definately suggest using only wool sweaters. I used whatever I could find but I found that the 100% wool worked best. I will admit they are harder to find, but it is possible!

I also did my edges a bit different and I will show ya how I did that in a bit! I used 1.5 yards for the backing of each quilt and used buttons to secure the fabric together...

I found the buttons on the sweaters that I bought :) 

Now for the edges.... 

You should make sure you leave about 3 inches of excess fabric around the edge.

Now you want to cut a line parallel to one edge of the fabric just up to the sweater quilt and fold in the corner. 

Its a tough one to explain so hopefully the pictures help :)


  1. No way! This is exactly what I made Matt last year for Christmas!

    I love yours! They look great!

  2. Awesome!!! Did you use all wool sweaters?? I want to make one just using the "felted wool" for our apartment :) You will have to send a pic of yours! I would love to see it.

    Miss you!

  3. I used wool sweaters but some of them didn't felt as well because they weren't 100% felt. I"m not sure if I ever really got a good picture of it, but maybe I can convince Matt to take one :)

    I'd love to make another one sometime to. It was actually really fun.

    Miss you too!