Sunday, October 21, 2012

30 Days to a Healthier Me


...Confession time....

...I have been planning this post for a few weeks now and avoiding committing myself to actually doing it. Since Calvin and I got married a few months back and went on our roller coaster of an adventure, and as we continue that said adventure I have not been taking care of myself very well. With all the craziness and adjustment I may have turned to food more then once (or twice...) for a sense of comfort. 

Lets just say our lives have been ticking time bombs for change since the moment we said "I Do." I have never appreciated change very much, even though my life seems to always be in constant life changing change mode. 

Moral of the story...

...the person I am worst at taking care of is me. The more upset I am, the more I take it out on this God given body. So tomorrow I am going to give my body 30 days of special treatment. I am really trying NOT to make this a "diet," that dirty four letter word that makes us all cringe. This is really to help me make a lifestyle change for the better. Don't you worry, I will probably use this blog to vent a little about how much I miss my bad habits.

I found this little pretty on pinterest and have not been able to get it out of my head. Probably because I eat pretty much all of those things on a day to day basis. Chocolate being my absolute favorite thing. I have obsessed over my chocolate intake too long to let it have any say in my lifestyle and I have been dreading this moment. 

1. I am giving the said things up for a month. Ugh. Plus drink more Water!  

Luckily Thanksgiving is the 22nd next month so I will let that be the first day that I am not under these conditions anymore :) I of course plan to over eat like everyone else that day lol.

2. I will make myself get actual exercise everyday. Since I will be starting work soon it may not be a long intensive work out but it will be a workout. 

3. I plan to hike up my intake of fruits and vegies! This is a must that should not be too hard for me. I love love love fruits and vegies and I think I can find fun ways to incorporate them into my every meal life :)

4. I am going to do something related to GRE study every day. I am not sure why this has been so hard for me thus far. It really only has to take a few minutes a day, but I have been avoiding it. So that changes tomorrow.

5. Last but definitely not least I am going to read the Word of God daily. I will be honest, I do not do this daily and it just is laziness. That ends tomorrow. 

A PS to my plan is not baths, more homemade sugar scrub, more candles, more books and more dates with my hubby. I want this to be a month I will remember :) And since the Lord has placed a new job on this list we will have a little extra $ in our pockets :)

I think that is it...whew...I am in for a month! My poor husband lol, I promise to try not to complain too much to him. He probably will just laugh at how weak I am with my cravings lol, or just how plain lazy I am lol. 


  1. You go girl! Chocolate made me cringe, but I'm not gonna lie, when I saw "icecream" at the end of that list... I thought, "No, way. I couldn't do it." LoL.

  2. Lol well with one day down its not too bad... But my thoughts might change a week from now :)