Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Tile Coasters

Another awesome pinterest project!! These coasters are so easy and can be great for a pop of color! You can find the complete tutorial HERE.

They are so cheap to make too and would make perfect gifts! I will say that the clear coat is very necessary! We did use it but I might even put an extra coat on it for extra covering. 

Craft Crate Coffee Table & Succulent Planter

Our awesome coffee table is done!!!
Let me just warn you that I swoon just a bit over this table. We ABSOLUTELY love it! Not only is it an awesome design by DIY-VIntage-Chic, but it was relatively easy to do! It is nice and big and has tons of storage for books and such :) Plus, with the empty square that is left in the middle you have so many options! Currently ours is a succulent planter, but our square dishes from crate and barrel fit perfectly in there as well! Which means a perfect place for appetizers or a plate of dessert when guests are over! Or you wan just remove the planter and such and have a table for board games! Awesome!  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun s'more bar toppings!!

Marshmallow,  Chocolate and Strawberry S'more!
For our 3 month anniversary we celebrated with a S'more night!! No we haven't been celebrating each month, but we figured having our apartment and really starting our little life deserved some celebrating!! So after a little research from the World Wide Web we picked some awesome flavors!

DIY Antiqued/Distressed Dining Room Table

Drum roll please......


The table before the refinish...
...and After!!!
We are quite proud of this beauty, it came out just as we wanted :) While I am not going to give you an awesome tutorial (pretty much because we had no idea what we were doing and made mistakes) I will give you some tips and tricks that we learned.

Wine Bottle Sconce

This little beauty comes to you from an awesome project found on pinterest!! You can find the DIY instructions HERE. You will see that we made a few changes to the tutorial. Calvin added a piece of wood from a pallet, and the "Top plate connector/ceiling flanges" that we found at Home Depot were longer and flat unlike the ones featured in the tutorial. We found them by the ceiling rosettes.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spinach Pesto Lasagna Rolls

After looking for a lasagna recipe to make one night I came up with this little recipe. With it just being two of us I didn't want to make a large lasagna and then be eating it for days, I really wanted something I could freeze. So I decided that the Lasagna roll recipes I found looked best for us. After looking at a few different recipes I decided to make it my own. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Since we decided to have our reception at the Cleveland Zoo that meant having our guests use the "public" bathrooms that are available to zoo guests during the day. While the zoo did have them cleaned before our guests arrived they were still not the nicest bathrooms you have ever set your eyes on. Thus, to help our guests forget that they did not have beautiful facilities I decided to make "Bathroom Baskets."

Saturday, September 8, 2012

San Fran...Final Days

We will never forget the time we were able to spend in San Francisco. We learned so much about ourselves, life, our marriage and what is truly important to us. I am sure we would still be there if Calvin's mother's cousin had been able to accomodate us during Calvin's internship. It is such a beautiful area (especially in the south bay, where the sun shines everyday :).

Up-cycled Twine Vase/Decoration

This simple but adorable craft comes to you from your recycling bin! My hubby loves this larger bottle of Chocolate Stout that can be bought by the bottle at Trader Joes. I just love the size of the bottle so I had to find some way to repurpose it and this seemed like just the solution. Read more for the tutorial!! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Fluff-Fondant Hearts

Since we were still working with a tight budget on Calvin's Birthday I decided to make him a special dinner and dessert. I just could not think of a better cupcake then to make him Chocolate Stout cupcakes. This of course meant adapting a chocolate cake recipe, which could have potentially failed horribly. But I gave it my best go anyways, and amazingly it worked! I adapted the recipe found on the side of the hershey cocoa powder container to work for this experiment (and I only made 1/2 a recipe which is 15 cupcakes).

Morning "Green Machine" Smoothie

I love my morning smoothie! It makes a wonderful breakfast and gives me the needed energy to start my day. My awesome Aunt Annette first fed me a delicious smoothie just like this one, the only difference is she uses fresh ginger (which is delicious, but unfortunately since I have an arrhythmia I cannot have ginger) and she uses 1/2 a pear instead of a kiwi. Her smoothies are sooo delicious! Wish I could pop over to Iowa right now and have her make me one :) The ginger makes it taste like dessert! YUM!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bridesmaid Survival Kit

I wanted to make the girls something special as a bridesmaid gift. With the small budget I had to work with and the large number of bridesmaids I had to be savy! So I made place-mat bathroom bags (tutorial to come) and filled them with all the things we love and need as girls. Add a cute note and it came out perfect! I also just could not resist making wooden hangers with their names on them (again, tutorial to come :)

Asking the girls...

It was really important to me to find a special way to ask the girls to be in the wedding! I'm only gonna do this once so I want it to be a great experience for everyone involved. So I found some inspiration and did my best to recreate it! There are so many fun options that I had so many ideas! I actually ended up using two different types of cards because I just could not decide :) 


Alright...So when I created this blog I told myself that I would post atleast once a week. Ok lets get realy here people. It seems to have been a month or more since I signed my little butt (ok big butt lol) in and gave you some details of the awesomeness I have been crafting up!

Some wedding crafts. Some to keep my sanity. Even some baking! I could tell you all the lovely details of what I learn in class on a day to day basis...but seriously. I WANT you to read my blog! Not scare you off with all the craziness the Psychology world has to offer!

Alright. Lets start with an awesome craft I did before I got engaged...yes back in April-ish... I made my aunt these awesome magnets!! Pictures and How-to...