Friday, September 21, 2012

Wine Bottle Sconce

This little beauty comes to you from an awesome project found on pinterest!! You can find the DIY instructions HERE. You will see that we made a few changes to the tutorial. Calvin added a piece of wood from a pallet, and the "Top plate connector/ceiling flanges" that we found at Home Depot were longer and flat unlike the ones featured in the tutorial. We found them by the ceiling rosettes.

We also used a different piece to hold the wine bottle, after asking associates we still could not find the 1" split ring hangers that were used in the tutorial. Instead we found "#1 conduit hanger with speed thread." These are used to install electrical cord, so they are found in the electrical aisle that is quite intimidating, lots of boxes with names that mean nothing to someone who has never worked as an electrician lol. But we really liked the industrial look of these pieces. The only bad part about using these pieces was that calvin had to drill the whole in the conduit hanger bigger to be able to fit the 3/8" threaded rod, but we still feel it was worth it.

We also decided to spray paint the pieces when they were put together. No need to spray paint the ceiling flange since it will be hidden behind the pallet. All the pieces come in a steel color.

Our (est.) Costs:

3 wine bottles (recycled)
1 pallet (recycled, you can usually find them on craigslist)
3 ceiling flanges = about $2 each
Bag of 5 conduit hangers = about $3 for the bag
Screws 2 for each sconce = about $.75 per sconce 
(1) piece of 3/8″ threaded rod, cut into 2 1/2″ pieces (you can buy this in a piece about 8 inches) = about $2
Brushed Bronze spray paint (black would work too)

*we did not need the mounting tape since we used the conduit hangers

Its tough to say how much just one of these would cost since you have to buy some of the pieces in multiples. Basically you are best off making 3-5 since you have to buy that many conduit hangers, and you will have enough threaded rod to make at least 5. Happy Crafting!!! 


  1. Maggie, These are adorable! Love them! I might have to try to make some too.