Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Since we decided to have our reception at the Cleveland Zoo that meant having our guests use the "public" bathrooms that are available to zoo guests during the day. While the zoo did have them cleaned before our guests arrived they were still not the nicest bathrooms you have ever set your eyes on. Thus, to help our guests forget that they did not have beautiful facilities I decided to make "Bathroom Baskets."
Unfortunately I cannot take full credit for these lovely baskets. I cannot even remember where I saw the idea. Honestly, almost every wedding website has their own version! And here is mine...

For the mens room I figured just the necessities...
*Pain Killer
*Shea butter hand lotion (come on who can resist that!)
*Shout Wipes

I used a basket we had already and attached a cute note on cardstock. Each bathroom also has a candle that we had already, which worked perfectly! The Mens bathroom has a holiday scent (don't tell), it smelled manly and my fiance didn't guess that it was a christmas scent. For the women's bathroom I think it was a cherry blossom or something along those lines. Honestly, the candle was the best thing I provided for the bathrooms! I dont think much of the stuff in the baskets was used but I did have a few people mention they loved the candle idea.

The saying I found online and adapted it to fit what I had included in my baskets...

"So happy you're here to share in out special day!!!
But should something happen to go astray,
Please help yourself to the contents within,
Hand lotion, gum and even aspirin,
Use only what you need and leave the rest,
It may be useful to another guest.
So repair the damage that may have been done,
Then hurry back and join the fun!!
Compliments of Calvin & Maggie"

For the women's room I included a bit more, honestly I found some fun stuff for 75% off at Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and could not resist!

*Shout Wipes
*Hair Spray
*Hand Lotion
*Body Mist
*Nail Files
*Pain Killer

It was really fun to put these together, and I figured that way the guests would have just what they needed :)

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