Saturday, September 8, 2012

Up-cycled Twine Vase/Decoration

This simple but adorable craft comes to you from your recycling bin! My hubby loves this larger bottle of Chocolate Stout that can be bought by the bottle at Trader Joes. I just love the size of the bottle so I had to find some way to repurpose it and this seemed like just the solution. Read more for the tutorial!! 

It really is quite simple, but I will admit that it does take some time. 

Start by making a line of hot glue around the rim where you would like to start. Work quick so the glue doesn't dry. Oh and be careful not to burn yourself! The genius that I am had to learn that one the hard way lol. 

Now that you have it started you are going to want to have glue in a small part where you are wrapping the twine. Each time the twine wraps around the bottle you want there to be hot glue. If you look at the above picture you can see glue in a horizontal fashion on the bottle. I would make a spot of glue that would last for about 5 wraps of the twine then I would twist the bottle a bit and do that in another spot. 

When you get to the area where the bottle slopes you are going to want to use more glue so the twine doesn't move. You can either go all the way around if you are looking for it to look perfect, but if you cannot get the twine wrapped before the glue dried just try to put in on 1/2 of where the string will wrap and then switch to putting the glue on the other side for the next wrap. 

Once you get through the sloped area you can continue just putting the glue in small areas.

Hopefully that isn't too confusing! 

To finish ours off we used a red felt heart and a black sharpie to write I (heart) Ohio on ours! A little piece of our home in our home lol. Being a designer calvin just free-handed it, but it would be easy to find a picture of ohio online and match the size of the heart and "I" to it.

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