Saturday, September 8, 2012

San Fran...Final Days

We will never forget the time we were able to spend in San Francisco. We learned so much about ourselves, life, our marriage and what is truly important to us. I am sure we would still be there if Calvin's mother's cousin had been able to accomodate us during Calvin's internship. It is such a beautiful area (especially in the south bay, where the sun shines everyday :).

We loved how unique the houses were in San Francisco! Theses 2ish bedroom homes were very expensive to own but so many of them had such wonderful personality! 

On one of our last days in the area we decided to be touristy. We visited Lucas Film Headquarters, yep this is one of the places they worked on the awesome Star Wars movies!! 

We could not resist taking pictures with Yoda!! 

Or kissing a Storm Trooper...

"Hey you're Darth Vader!!??"

The Palace of Fine Arts
Down a path and across a street you can find The Palace of Fine Arts. It really is a beautiful place, you can even see it in the movie "The Five Year Engagement."

Calvin told me to stand with the ladies, lol

I of course had to see the Golden Gate Bridge before we left. Unfortunately the fog made that 1/2 way impossible lol, but technically I saw it. 

P.s. It was 40 degrees there that day...yet 40 degrees in August, in California. That would be my winter coat lol.

I am pointing to the famous Alcatraz! You can actually take tours of the prison, you just have to schedule that awhile in advance :)

The beautiful city of San Francisco, we will miss you. 

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