Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun s'more bar toppings!!

Marshmallow,  Chocolate and Strawberry S'more!
For our 3 month anniversary we celebrated with a S'more night!! No we haven't been celebrating each month, but we figured having our apartment and really starting our little life deserved some celebrating!! So after a little research from the World Wide Web we picked some awesome flavors!

Our chosen toppings...
-Marshmallow (of course)
-Chocolate Chips 
-Graham Crackers (again or course)

Other fun toppings we are going to try
-peanut butter (spread it on the cracker)
-Nutella (")
-Chocolate with Caramel 
-Sea Salt
-Andes Mints? 
-Chocolate covered graham crackers
-Flavored marshmallows
-Different kinds of fancy chocolate :)

Me looking like an unkept loser enjoying my S'Mores

Of course we made these S'mores in our fire place. While doing so we learned that our big tough dog is scared to death of the fireplace. Quite funny really! Poor little guy would not come close to us!

Any ideas for more fun S'more flavors!!??


  1. Ok! We totally have to do this when we visit... PLEASE! :)

    I can't wait to try the strawberry!

  2. That is so a plan!! We should have our chairs all finished in a week or two so we will be all set to have guests!!