Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Asking the girls...

It was really important to me to find a special way to ask the girls to be in the wedding! I'm only gonna do this once so I want it to be a great experience for everyone involved. So I found some inspiration and did my best to recreate it! There are so many fun options that I had so many ideas! I actually ended up using two different types of cards because I just could not decide :) 

This was one of the two cards I used. I found this template online and just could not resist using it! It is so easy to customize it to your wedding colors. I just printed it out, cut it to size and using spray adhesive I attached it to a blank card I had made by cutting a red piece of card stock to the size I wanted. I used the envelopes we had bought for our wedding invites and it came out perfect! To make your own card like the above just click HERE. It will take you to the awesome website this is found on.

The second card I used I had to design myself. I saw something like it online and thought I could put my own spin on it. I used FedEx/Kinkos order online option from their website, found HERE. Just click "Start Order" then after you download the links below to your computer you can upload them to the online print website. Since the file is not a standard paper size you will have to give them "special instructions." All I had told them was to print them on a standard letter sized paper and I will cut the excess paper off myself.  When finished the cards should be 5.5 x 8.5.  I had them printed on 8.5 x 11 cardstock. I was on a time crunch and thats why I used kinkos, but you could print them yourself too! It might take up a bit of ink, but it is possible. If I remember right to get them printed at kinkos it was about $1 a card. Easy Peasy!

Here are the links to download the cards...

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