Saturday, July 28, 2012

San Fran Farmers Market!

What an awesome day at the farmers market! Not just any farmers market either, the top rated farmers market in the Bay Area. I had been doing a little research and this seemed to be the place to go. A large market of produce, cheese, hummas, pita, goat cheese, fruit, the list could go on and on! They also have a great little area across the street in a park where local crafters show off their talent. A place I plan to get gifts in the future :)

The market is held at The Ferry Building on the coast of the Bay, pretty much directly under the bay bridge every Saturday morning till about 2pm. It was a great experience with great food! There are many different "restaurants" that come out for the day and feed this hungry crowd! And did the food smell good!

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

Inside the ferry building there are great shops and more awesome restaurants. The Ferry Building itself is open daily and is a great place to get lunch. Definitely a must do for those new in town! I will surly be bringing visiting family and friends to this hot spot! You can even see the local scenery, nothing short of nudists in the park (yep its legal in San Francisco to let it all hang out). Definitely different then the farmers markets back home, but better :)

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  1. what an adventure! Keep blogging so I can keep up with it. :)