Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exploring- San Fran Style

Today we found ourselves venturing to Moss Beach California. Just a short drive from where we are staying you can find some of the best tide pools ever! We had such a fun day of searching for little creatures. This would be such a fun place to travel to on a family vacation. So many little chitlins (aka children) were having the time of their life :) There is so much to learn here that the kiddos had no idea the wonderful things their minds were taking in. It is quite awesome to see little ones learning :) Read more and see all the great creatures we found!

The coordinates are as followed for those of you that use a GPS 37°31'31" North latitude, 122°30'46" West (37.525240, -122.512811).
This awesome little snail had algae growing on him 

There was a great hiking trail that took you to another side of the beach as well as on top of the cliff above the beach. These beautiful old trees lined the path as well as more awesome creatures to find. 

Spanish Moss

Can you find me and Natalie??

Seals call Moss Beach home, they are protected from sharks by the large rocks and are protected from humans
by the awesome rangers. You cannot get too close to them but they are great to watch!

We found a Starfish!! Best find of the day!

Sea Sponge

Banana Slug, he was about 4 inches long!! 

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