Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bottle Cap Picture Magnets

Awesome Picture Magnets

I wanted to share an awesome craft that I did quite awhile ago with ya! I made my Aunt these great magnets for her birthday...she loved them :) They really turned out great! So here is the how-to-diy!

First lets look at what ya need to get the job done. I used "easy casting epoxy", pen, paper, pictures and bottle caps. Yep that should do it...

Step 1: You are gonna need some pictures. The easiest way to do this is to put some pics on a USB drive and head over to target! (one of my favorite places) Really you just need to find one of those nifty Kodak machines. Go to the screen for making collages and pick the one that lets you place 9 pictures on a 4x6 photo. Easy peasy lemon squeezy... PS its best if the pictures are not close ups... that way you can get the whole pic in the bottle cap....
Step 2: Next step is to make a template that will fit in the middle of your bottle cap. This is probably the tricky part. Once you get that done, trace the circle over your pictures and  cut away! Your end result should look like the pic above. You should have your little magnet your circle picture and your bottle cap.

Step 3: Place the magnet in the bottle cap. Put just a little bit of your casting epoxy in the bottom of the bottle cap just to even out the surface with the magnet. Place the picture over it and press down to make sure there are not any bubbles. Place more casting epoxy over the picture to cover it and make sure again that there are not any bubbles.

Finally let them dry for the directed amount of time :) Then enjoy! They make a great gift or perfect for yourself!! I plan on making some with out engagement and wedding pics for our first place!

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