Friday, September 23, 2011

Initialed Glasses

A birthday craft!

So the picture above is what I was originally going for... but lets just say I went through alot of trouble for the etching paste that I was using not to work...So I decided to but some window paint that said it was dishwasher safe...again a fail...apparently you need some special sealant for that to work....I digress... Finally I found the right stuff for the job! I will post a pic of it soon. But it looks like a pen, I found it in the stained glass section of Jo-anns. Its called DecoArt glass paint marker. Its a beauty! paint it on. put it in the oven. All set! But ill still describe how the little beauty works!

Step 1: find some glasses that need a makeover! These little beauties will soon have a J and a B on them!

Step 2: clean with alcohol. Just where you want to write :) Then let dry of the meantime print out a font that you would like your letters to be. Grab yourself some con-tact paper place the font on top of the con-tact paper so that when you cut it out it will be the correct direction.
Step 3: Cut out the black part of the letters with an exacto blade, or since mine was dull I used a careful tho!

Step 4: place the sticky contact paper on you glass then using your awesome glass marker color in :) Easy! following the directions on your pen place you glass in the oven and let cool completely with the door open :) Then you will be all set with your awesome gift!

Wish I took a pic of the finished product...but I was in a rush to get to the Birthday party where the gifts were given to my girls! I also make a cute little box out of a starbucks bag to hold a gift card!

If you want the how-to instructions let me know!!

what is your favorite DIY gift??

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