Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Tie Purse

DIY Tie Purse!

I saw this awesome tie purse on etsy and decided I must give it a go! So I headed over to goodwill and bought a tie for $1.00 and this is what I came up with! DIY instructions below :)
1) go to your local thrift store and purchase a tie (or two or three ;)
2) I wanted to be able to fit my cellphone and credit cards in mine so i measured it to my phones length. You can vary the size about an inch or so. Just make sure the the sides of the tie line up (or almost line up) when they are folded.

3) Cut the tie to the size you need. (see pic to the left) Remember before you cut that you will need to hem the tie where you cut it. So leave about 3/4 of an inch at the end for that. You will also need a handle on the wrist let. I decided I just wanted to use the tie. But you could use ribbon if you wanted.
4) My tie had a liner in it. So I trimmed it down so that when I hemmed this end it would not be sticking out :) Then stitch away :) I am by no means a master at this whole sewing machine. I just bought mine a couple months ago and have made some stupid mistakes with it :) So no worries if you are not very good with one. This project was a cinch :) This stitch will be facing in so no worries how long you leave the excess.

5) Now measure how long you want the pocket to be. I just made mine long enough to cover my Credit Cards. It would be helpful if you wanted to iron the pocket down before you stitch. But I was not feeling that into the iron. So I skipped it and it worked fine. Before you stitch one of the sides make sure you have your ribbon or tie all set up to be sewed on as the handle. Then stitch both sides up.
6) Now for the snaps and your all done :) I just bought sew on snaps. I glued them on with some permanent fabric/metal glue then sewed them on as well. Hopefully they will stay put but if not ill figure something else out and let ya know

Now you are all set and ready to go! I have seen them done with multiple pockets :) If I give that a go ill be sure to post! Happy Sewing!
Do you have any DIY purse ideas?? Do share!

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